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15 Jul

Live Free Or Die

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That’s the official motto of the state of New Hampshire and once you spend any real time there, you understand why it is. I first visited New Hampshire in the summer of 2008 with my then-boyfriend, now husband of 6 years. Every summer for several decades, his family would spend weeks at their summer house in the small town of Randolph. As you drive approximately two hours north from the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, the mountains emerge gradually and spectacularly on the horizon. For those of you who know M83, their song “Outro” is the perfect soundtrack for that moment. For me and my family, Randolph is a place to disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle. A place to take in the fresh mountain air, absorb the breathtaking views and simply reconnect with nature. A place to find your inner peace and hit the mental reset button. A place to bond with family. Sitting on the hammock bench swing on the back porch of the summer house, my eyes are immediately drawn to our spectacular view of  Mt. Madison, Mt. Adams and Mt. Jefferson, which are part of the Presidential Mountain Range. The serenity is interrupted only by the buzzing sound of hummingbirds flitting out of the trees and to the feeder which hangs on the outside of the screened porch. There are trails near the house maintained by the Randolph Mountain Club, and an abundance of wild flowers growing along the roadside. Even though I live in Florida, New Hampshire is the only place I actually fish. Standing in icy cold waters of the tree lined rivers catching brook and rainbow trout is my favorite and almost daily activity while there. The White Mountains region of New Hampshire has so much to offer and I could go on and on about how special a place it is to me and my family. But for now, I’ll just share some pictures from our June 2016 trip.