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17 Feb

Riley, the German shorthaired pointer

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While watching the news this morning, I learned that the Westminster Kennel Club awarded the 2016 Best in Show Trophy to “CJ”, the German shorthaired pointer during this year’s Westminster Dog Show. This brought a smile to my face. In the earlier days of my professional photography career, I photographed a particularly handsome German shorthaired pointer named Riley.

The Westminster Kennel Club’s Breed description notes that the German shorthaired pointer,

certainly has the handsome good looks needed for the show ring, but he was bred to be a high performance hunting dog.”

They also go on to say,

Many regard him as the most versatile of sporting dogs, reflecting his land and water skills. His 19th century origins can be traced to Germany and Austria, where old Spanish Pointer was probably mixed with English Foxhound and other scent hounds. Introduced here in the 1920’s, the Shorthair quickly earned the respect of serious hunters, who found him athletic, easy to train, and generous in nature. And with enough exercise, he’s well suited to family life, too.”

To date Riley is one of my favorite four legged subjects in my portfolio and one of the most handsome dogs I’ve ever seen. Here are some photos of him. To learn more about German shorthaired pointers, check out the German Shorthaired Pointers of America.