20 Sep

Yappy Hour

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Fuzzy’s Taco Shop in Brandon this past Friday after 5pm was a somewhat familiar scene. Looking around the restaurant, there were families and local area workers looking to wind down after an especially long week. Just a few days prior, our area was hit by Hurricane Irma, which was at one point the strongest hurricane the National Hurricane Center had ever recorded in the Atlantic outside of the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico. Although we didn’t bear the brunt of her wrath like the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean had, she brought plenty of misery to our area in the form of wind damage, flooded properties and lands, downed trees and continued lack of electricity for many. With schools in our area being closed for a week and several area businesses struggling to fully re-open, the apparent normalcy at Fuzzy’s was a welcome distraction; as was The Humane Society of Tampa Bay’s Yappy Hour event which was also taking place at Fuzzy’s.

Restaurant goers dined in the outdoor patio with their pets while Humane Society volunteers circulated with pets up for adoption. Inside the restaurant, over $5,000 in prizes were being raffled off with all ticket sales going towards the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Some of the prizes donated for the raffle were game tickets and sports memorabilia for The Tampa Bay Lightning, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tampa Bay Rays, as well as admission tickets for Busch Gardens, The Florida Aquarium, Big City Events, Lowry Park Zoo and the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI). Southern Muscle, Camp Gladiator, Orange Theory Fitness Brandon and Crossfit BNI also donated products and services as raffle prizes. Restaurant gift cards for Brocato’s Sandwich Shop, Columbia RestaurantWorld of Beer,  and of course Fuzzy’s Taco Shop were also donated for the raffle. Fuzzy’s also sold brownie sundaes and dog treats with all proceeds benefitting the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, as well as $1 for every frozen drink sold.

Despite the lingering rain and hurricane fatigue, it was a successful and fun event with over $1,000 being raised! Here are some of my favorite pictures.

06 Jun

Open House

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What do you get when you add great eats and treats, a rocking DJ, 350 plus people, furry four legged friends and an NHL mascot? Simply put, a really good time! This past Friday, BlueGrace Logistics hosted an open house event from 4pm-7pm in their newly expanded Riverview office. Guests were treated to tours of the uber-swanky 54,000 square foot building, coffee drinks served by The Coffee Divas, food and beverage catered by Datz and music by  DJ Papi of Wild Out Entertainment. Sarah Sweeney, a supervisor at BlueGrace with a background as a pastry chef, whipped up mini crates full of BlueGrace branded cookies, cupcakes and sweet treats. The Humane Society of Tampa Bay, one of BlueGrace‘s primary charities, was present as were several dogs and cats up for adoption. Since BlueGrace is a sponsor of the Tampa Bay Lightning, the official mascot, the Thunderbug, flanked by two Lightning Girls, was spotted mixing and mingling at the event. I could go on and on about how much fun this event was for me to capture, but instead I’ll share some of my favorite photographs!


08 Dec

Slap Shots On Ice

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Those closest to me know that I am a self-described rabid NFL fan. I LOVE football and consider myself very knowledgeable on the rules of the game.  Once the Super Bowl is over, I suffer from withdrawal and find myself longing for the pre-season.  My husband and I share the same passion for football and often don’t know what to do with ourselves on those post-Super Bowl Sundays. All of that changed a few years ago when our nephew, a former high school hockey player, encouraged us to watch NHL hockey with him.

First we followed the Boston Bruins because my nephew and the rest of my husband’s family are from areas just outside of Boston. Living in Tampa though, how could we not watch the Tampa Bay Lightning? I watched them win their first Stanley Cup Championship in 2004. It was an exciting time for our city as their win came a year after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won their first Super Bowl Championship. We watched the Bruins win and lose the Stanley Cup (2 goals scored by their opponent in just 19 seconds),  the latter of which was quite the stunner. Regardless though, exciting is what hockey is in my opinion. The pace of an entire hockey game very much resembles the urgency of a 2-minute warning drill, to put it in football terms. The edge of the couch excitement I felt watching hockey filled that post Super Bowl void especially since during that time, the regular season is normally winding down with playoffs on the not too distant horizon. The end of the regular season and the playoffs is a pretty good time to start watching a new sport. It’s “do or die” time for teams and players vying for glory, trophies, rings,  championship titles and of course, bragging rights. How can you not get swept up in the drama and excitement?

When one of my corporate clients, BlueGrace Logistics – an official sponsor of the Tampa Bay Lightning,  approached me to shoot one of their events at Amalie Arena,  I was thrilled! The event, “Slap Shots On Ice”, was a fun part of a multi-day company conference with employees from all over the United States. I would be shooting employees taking slap shots on the very same ice on which some of my favorite NHL athletes play! Taking the elevator down, walking through the players’ tunnel, sitting on the home team bench to slip on the special rubber soled spikes enabling me to walk effortlessly on the ice was surreal. Every now and again during my shoot, I would glance up at the stands, the score boards and ribbons illuminated with the newly unveiled BlueGrace logo, and would try to absorb and remember where I was. It’s still so surreal, I can’t believe I was actually there. But I guess I was, because here are some favorite shots of BlueGrace employees from the ice.



21 Nov

UT Mini Session

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(Click on photograph above to see entire image)

The minarets of the University of Tampa (UT) are perhaps the greatest iconic symbol of the city of Tampa. Plant Hall, formerly the Tampa Bay Hotel, was a grand 511-room, five story hotel built by Henry B. Plant between 1888 and 1891. Famous guests who stayed there include President Teddy Roosevelt, the Queen of England and Babe Ruth. Today, Plant Hall serves as the main academic and administrative building for the UT, a private university with over 8,000 undergraduate and graduate students. As you step onto the grounds of the campus, your eyes are drawn to the beautiful brick buildings, Victorian gingerbread architecture and the Moorish minarets, domes and cupolas. The lush grounds of Plant Park extend from the Henry B. Plant museum to the Hillsborough River, with downtown Tampa visible just across the river. All that being said, it’s no surprise that UT’s Plant Park is a popular spot for portrait photographers. I recently shot a mini-session for the Martell family there. Here are a few of my favorites from that shoot.

15 Jul

Live Free Or Die

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That’s the official motto of the state of New Hampshire and once you spend any real time there, you understand why it is. I first visited New Hampshire in the summer of 2008 with my then-boyfriend, now husband of 6 years. Every summer for several decades, his family would spend weeks at their summer house in the small town of Randolph. As you drive approximately two hours north from the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, the mountains emerge gradually and spectacularly on the horizon. For those of you who know M83, their song “Outro” is the perfect soundtrack for that moment. For me and my family, Randolph is a place to disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle. A place to take in the fresh mountain air, absorb the breathtaking views and simply reconnect with nature. A place to find your inner peace and hit the mental reset button. A place to bond with family. Sitting on the hammock bench swing on the back porch of the summer house, my eyes are immediately drawn to our spectacular view of  Mt. Madison, Mt. Adams and Mt. Jefferson, which are part of the Presidential Mountain Range. The serenity is interrupted only by the buzzing sound of hummingbirds flitting out of the trees and to the feeder which hangs on the outside of the screened porch. There are trails near the house maintained by the Randolph Mountain Club, and an abundance of wild flowers growing along the roadside. Even though I live in Florida, New Hampshire is the only place I actually fish. Standing in icy cold waters of the tree lined rivers catching brook and rainbow trout is my favorite and almost daily activity while there. The White Mountains region of New Hampshire has so much to offer and I could go on and on about how special a place it is to me and my family. But for now, I’ll just share some pictures from our June 2016 trip.

08 Mar

Kristin & Her Boys

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I first met Kristin nearly two years ago on a Saturday morning. She was helping me to pack up and sort through an entire walk in closet full of women’s clothes, shoes and purses. Kristin, an adoptions case manager, set aside clothing and accessories that would be donated to teenage girls up for adoption. It was perhaps one of the few positives in what was a difficult time for my family. Kristin was a coworker and good friend of Garet White – my husband’s ex wife, mother of my stepson and surprisingly to both Garet and myself, a very dear friend. For those of you who don’t know me personally, Garet passed away in her sleep unexpectedly in May 2014. It was her clothes and belongings that we were sorting through that morning. Garet had been renting a house and since her family was in Jacksonville and San Francisco, my husband and I assumed the enormous task of packing up the house. I was glad to have Kristin with me in Garet’s bedroom because even though it had been almost a month since she passed away, being in her house was a painful reminder of the night my husband and I found her. There were a couple of times when our emotions got the better of us as we went through her things but we stayed on task and finished in a couple of hours. When the lease was about to expire, it was Kristin and her family who came to the rescue when we needed more hands on deck to completely empty the house. And for that, I will forever be thankful to her.

When Kristin reached out to me about a family shoot with her two boys, I was thrilled because it isn’t every day that I get to photograph someone I know. When I asked for background information on her boys, she told me that she had adopted Mike, 22, when he was 16 years old. Her younger son Jacob, 19, who was home for Spring Break,  is a Freshman Tight End at Bethany College in West Virginia. She described them both as “having good hearts” and being both “goofy” and “playful”. It was a windy and somewhat chilly morning at BayFront Park on Anna Maria Island for this Sunday’s morning shoot but as the winds died down, it turned out to be a beautiful day. Here are some pictures from the shoot.

04 Mar

Fun Friday!

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We’ve had some really pleasant weather here in Florida lately. Warm sunshine yet not too hot. It was around 430 or so in the afternoon when I turned my four and a half year old loose in our leaf covered back yard. I didn’t need to bribe her to wear the dress (she’s a girly girl) but figured the Entenmann’s Little Bites Fudge Brownies might encourage some cooperation as I took some shots of her. She sort of cooperated but at the end of the day, she marches to the beat of her own drum. Hope your Friday is as fun filled as some of these shots!

17 Feb

Riley, the German shorthaired pointer

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While watching the news this morning, I learned that the Westminster Kennel Club awarded the 2016 Best in Show Trophy to “CJ”, the German shorthaired pointer during this year’s Westminster Dog Show. This brought a smile to my face. In the earlier days of my professional photography career, I photographed a particularly handsome German shorthaired pointer named Riley.

The Westminster Kennel Club’s Breed description notes that the German shorthaired pointer,

certainly has the handsome good looks needed for the show ring, but he was bred to be a high performance hunting dog.”

They also go on to say,

Many regard him as the most versatile of sporting dogs, reflecting his land and water skills. His 19th century origins can be traced to Germany and Austria, where old Spanish Pointer was probably mixed with English Foxhound and other scent hounds. Introduced here in the 1920’s, the Shorthair quickly earned the respect of serious hunters, who found him athletic, easy to train, and generous in nature. And with enough exercise, he’s well suited to family life, too.”

To date Riley is one of my favorite four legged subjects in my portfolio and one of the most handsome dogs I’ve ever seen. Here are some photos of him. To learn more about German shorthaired pointers, check out the German Shorthaired Pointers of America.

03 Feb

Update: Snickers The Shih Tzu

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This morning I was saddened to learn that Snickers, the subject of yesterday’s blog, passed away in the wee hours of the morning. My sympathies to the Mathews family….

02 Feb

Snickers The Shih Tzu

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Last Wednesday morning, I received an upsetting text from a good friend of mine who lives within walking distance. Her family’s 13 year old Shih Tzu, named Snickers, had suffered a traumatic medical episode and she thought he had died. Luckily, her husband, a dentist and retired Army medic, was home at the time. Snickers was barely conscious but alive nonetheless. They rushed him to the vet and after a battery of tests, he was diagnosed with intestinal cancer. Since his time left on earth is rapidly ticking away, I decided to grab a few shots of him this past weekend. Here are some of my favorites.