Seeing The Difference: Real Estate Photography Part 2

Below is a pretty typical picture of a house listed for sale on the MLS. As a professional real estate photographer, I can see several things wrong with this picture. The angle from which the picture was taken doesn’t really flatter this¬†$700,000 house. The palm trees in the center of the photo obscure the beautiful entryway. While the picture represents what the house looks like from the front, it is average at best and it doesn’t really entice a would be buyer.



Below is the same house as photographed by a professional real estate photographer. The angle from which the picture was taken is far more flattering as you can actually see the house (no palm trees obstructing the view). The beautiful two story entry way is revealed as are the dual two car garages. The sky is vibrant and makes the house look even more appealing.


There are many reasons to choose a professional real estate photographer (click here for a great article). Seeing the difference between these two pictures is just one reason.